Apex Airways

Apex Airways: The global carrier that touches you personally

Windows on a 757

Looking for a big airline that feels like it wishes it were an even bigger airline? That’s us! We’re Apex Airways, and we’re different.

For starters, we’re all about innovation. Things like our new “MiddleClass” product — it offers an all-middle seats product at a premium price. Or our “ticketless, reservationless” policy: if you think we’ll have seats to a place where you’re goin’, then come on down to the airport and let’s see what happens. Or our award-winning PexPoints program, featuring dynamic pricing and PexTiers that range from Code Red to Supreme Leader Class. And it’s all backed up by our incredibly friendly service. We’re the home of Flight Attendants Who’re Jammin’!

We fly a diverse fleet of planes between points all over the globe. Our major hubs, centrally located in Branson and Minot, connect you with almost the entire world. And where they don’t, our codeshare and alliance partners fill all of our holes.

You can follow us on Twitter at @ApexAirways, find tons of additional news on Facebook as ApexAirways, call us at 844-400-APEX, or here on our web site.

Apex Airways: pass the point of no return.

Apex Airways is a subsidiary of Cash Heavy Industries.