Apex adds fun new destinations

Apex is pleased to announce an expansion in service from our Minot and Branson hubs. “These new routes are bringing the Apex brand to ever more customers,” said Apex’s Chief Operating Officer David Alter. “And our new map is in brand-compliant colors.”

New routes

  • Minot-Salt Lake City (SLC). By far this has been our most-requested route, and we are pleased to announce we are adding SLC to our northern hub as of April 2016.
  • Branson-Ontario (ONT). Customers had been clamoring for a way to reach the nation’s second-largest metro area without a codeshare at Dallas-Ft. Worth. This route opens up the exciting Inland Empire to all of our landlocked customers! This route launches in April 2016.
  • Also from Branson: Pensacola, Fla.; Weiner, Ark.; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. “Our customers have been begging for these beach destinations for a long time. Now, there’s a great new way to get there!” said Alter. Look for these flights in March 2016.
  • Branson-Minot. Although we are a major carrier, we somehow failed to launch a route connecting our two hubs. Begins January 2016, just in time for deicing season.
  • New connecting codeshare routes: San Diego-Ontario and Pensacola-Orlando, to plug some important gaps. Available now.

So take Apex on your next trip. Enjoy Flight Attendants Who’re Jammin’! ™ And have fun.

Apex Route map effective December 2015

Apex Route map effective December 2015

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  1. Danby Whitetrash says:

    I wish your PVR route was already active. These idiots at spirit still won’t fly there from my hometown.

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