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The Apex Airways vision for flying is different from every other carrier in the sky. Let us show you how.

Flying is hell

Other airlines draw you in with their “revenue management” algorithms and Byzantine rules. They ensnare you in a web of confusion intended to get you to purchase a ticket. Those tickets are like straitjackets — binding you and the airline until the fateful moment you arrive at the gate and find out whether the airline can live up to the promise it made. If the airline can’t run the flight on time as agreed, nothing happens to the airline except more complaints on Twitter. If you decide you can’t make the flight, however, the airline hits you with a painful change fee. Ouch!

The Apex difference

At Apex Airways, we don’t have change fees. We don’t punish our customers whose business plans and personal lives affect their travel. At Apex, we understand: sometimes, shit happens.

And we believe this is a two-way street. Just like we don’t hold you to an exacting schedule and financially punish you if you miss a flight, we know you won’t be disappointed if “shit happens” to Apex and we’re not able to keep the schedule we published, either. Call us the friends-with-benefits airline: sometimes we’re there, sometimes we made other arrangements. But it’s all cool, right? We’ll get you next time.

Reservationless travel

Stop worrying about where you left your boarding pass… just lay back and enjoy whatever happens

We don’t accept reservations. It’s that simple. You can’t reserve a single flight on Apex, and we think that’s great.

FIDS airportApex publishes a route map and disseminates its aspiration of flying, basically along those routes, and at somewhat regular times. If the mood strikes, you think we’re going where you’re going, and you think there’ll be room, then we invite you to come down to the airport and see what we can do for you. No hassle and no fuss. Again: if it doesn’t work out, it’s no hard feelings from us.

Give us a try. You’ll probably be glad you did. At least we set the bar low.