Monthly Archive: February 2016


Goodbye, world! We’re merging with United

Following a highly successful launch party, Apex Airways announces that it has run out of gas. “It was a difficult decision, but after being driven out of our Minot hub, we realized we needed...


Route map following Minot shutdown

Following the shutdown of all operations at Minot (MOT), Apex Airways released a new route map. Updates include: In accordance with local diktat, all flights to Minot have been canceled forever. New service from...


All Apex letters to customers

Here are all of the publicly-released Apex Airways letters mailed to customers: Apex Airways PexPoints Rewards Ulticard by VISA Welcome to PexPoints! Commemorating the Apex Airways crash at Arecibo Observatory


Bringing clouds down to earth

Apex Airways is proud to announce that it has completed renovations on its flagship lounge, Apex Cloud Club at Minot International Airport, located conveniently upstairs from gate 7.1 in Minot’s refurbished Terminal D. “We know...