Let Apex regift it for you

Christmas is over, and it’s time to fly home on Apex Airways — the only rational choice in an irrational world. But did you get a Christmas present that was unexpected, unwanted, or unloved? It happens to all of us.

Apex is here to help. This Christmas, we are setting up Regifting Stations at every airport in the burgeoning Apex global network.

Regifting: how does it feel, the second time around?

Here’s how it works: just bring any bad gift and deposit it in an Apex Airways Regifting Station, like the one featured here.

An Apex regifting station at gate 51 at the Minot hub

An Apex regifting station at gate 51 at the Minot hub

Be sure to securely affix a bag tag using the DIY tag printers conveniently located outside security. After your flight boards, an Apex Customer “Care” Team Member will retrieve all gifts, go through them for loose bills and change, and “regift” someone else’s present to you. You can retrieve your new gift at bag claim at your final destination. Wrapping is available for a small upcharge.

Apex: it all just makes sense

This Christmas, don’t pay baggage fees carrying unwanted gifts. More importantly, next year, give something special back to the special person who gave you something special you didn’t especially want. Try the Apex Regifting Station on your trip home.

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