Chasing the Rainbow: the mandatory Apex diversity program

Guest columnist: Apex Diversity Manager Jeff Grant

Guest columnist: Apex Diversity Manager TAKESHITA Minoru

Apex is proud to announce its new diversity program, Chasing the Rainbow. With this program, Apex intends to increase the number of diversity hires within twelve years.

Diversity is critical to an organization like Apex Airways. We fly a diverse fleet of planes, to a diverse set of places, with a diverse menu of pricing structures, fees, penalties, passthrough taxes, and negative credits. So we know it is equally important to have a diverse workforce.

According to our recent consent decree with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Apex is in last place among U.S. airlines for hiring racial and ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, women, the less abled, the less interesting, and the diseased. So…

The only way is up!

With Chasing the Rainbow, we intend to show the world we’re not the carrier the Daily News said we were.

Chasing the Rainbow (Custom)Chasing the Rainbow is about so much more than satisfying a painful federal obligation under penalty of further civil proceedings,” commented Apex’s Chief Legal Officer Bill Cash. “We’ve also got a substantial tie-in with the Apex Airways PexPoints Rewards Ulticard by VISA®.”

In the Chasing the Rainbow program, “diverse” employees will be regularly recognized and specifically called out. Apex will do everything it can to turn the spotlight on those special folks who look or appear a little bit different than the rest of us. Passengers will also be thanked and commented upon for being or acting diverse.

Breaking news: making strides

At press time, the United States had announced a new investigation into Chasing the Rainbow itself.

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