Our Fleet

At Apex Airways, we believe diversity is a strength, not some kind of hippie weakness. That’s why we fly a ragtag collection of birds we’ve accumulated from yard sales, repo men, wayward United Airlines employees, and QVC Network.

CRJ-200. Our CRJ-200 features an all lie-flat bed configuration in a reverse herringbone layout. We are proud to features the first on-board shower available on a regional aircraft anywhere. Used primarily on our longer trans-Pacific routes.

Fokker F-28. Our Chief Operations Officer does not know about these particular craft. Please keep it that way.

Boeing 717. Unquestionably considered to be the most important Boeing ever built, we are proud to have possession of six of these airframes. Everyone remembers where they were when they first saw that distinctive 717 “hump.” Used primarily on our longer trans-Hudson Bay routes.

Super 70. This is currently the backbone of our fleet. We have acquired used American Airlines “Super 80” jets and removed as much of the extra weight as possible. So you won’t find armrests or overhead bin doors on the Super 70: just brace yourself and enjoy it. The Super 70 is a throwback to an era when passengers were real men, pilots were real ladies, and “security” was just another word for nothing left to lose.

Airbus A38. This is the lesser-known cousin to the A380, scaled down to 10% of the original size. Unfortunately, we are still not able to fill all of the seats. Used on West Coast milk runs.

A bus. In partnership with Cash Heavy Industries Overland Transport, we use a bus to ferry passengers between Minot AFB, downtown Minot, and SUX (Sioux City).