MiddleClass is here

MiddleClass seating layout

MiddleClass seating layout

You may have heard of Virgin Atlantic’s “Upper Class.” Well, Apex Airways is proud to announce “MiddleClass” — seating for decent, everyday folks. Featuring all middle seats, because what kind of snob are you?

MiddleClass is available on most Apex flights worldwide. MiddleClass can be booked at time of ticketing or as an ancillary product.

Elite PexPoints members may upgrade into MiddleClass by selecting “Manage Upgrades” within their reservation. “This is a step up from our competitor, Delta,” said Apex’s VP-Customer Toleration, Chad Harris. “With Delta, elite customers might upgrade into a middle seat. But with Apex MiddleClass, a middle seat is guaranteed!”

Apex MiddleClass: The best seat on the plane — arms down!

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