PexPoints is the Apex Airways customer loyalty enforcement mechanism — and a fun way to build valuable points and self-esteem using a figure that can be viewed, shown to other passengers, and used to compare the inherent value of different human beings.

Plus, PexPoints are so easy to earn and redeem! Here’s how it works.

Earning PexPoints

Apex Airways uses the following formula for the accrual of PexPoints:

Distance (km) × Apex Qualifying CFs × Loyalty Factor = Subtotal Flight Quality Penalties = Earned Redeemable PexPoints!

You earn Apex Qualifying CFs each time you spend CFs — the Cash Heavy Industries proprietary unit of currency based on other airlines’ change fees (1 CF = USD 200) — on airfare. Some Apex fare classes award more or less Apex Qualifying CFs, so be sure to look for higher-priced fares. Qualifying CFs include fees for MiddleClass and ApexGlobalShare mixed-cargo/passenger flights. Apex reserves the right to change Qualifying CFs earned before or after purchase or completion of travel.

The Loyalty Factor takes into account your importance and significance to Apex Airways and its cadre of lobbyists. Please see the section on PexTiers for more information.

Flight Quality Penalties are awarded at the end of each flight. Check overhead monitors for details after taking particularly nice flights.


Loyalty Factors are based on a customer’s status in PexPoints. We have categorized our valued customers into PexTiers. Each PexTier brings an increasing level of service, support, and luxury.

PexTier PexPoints needed
to qualify
Loyalty Factor
Code Red 0 0
Apex Ambassador Program
(membership open to N.J. governors and mayors)
10,000 25.0
Hypotenuse Level 25,000 1.0
Comrade Class 50,000 1.5
Supreme Leader Class 100,000 2.25

Elite members of PexPoints are welcome to call our customer service line, 844-400-APEX, and receive personalized attention from our Customer “Care” Team.

Redeeming PexPoints

Due to systems reprogramming issues, it is not yet possible to redeem PexPoints for Apex Airways flights. However, you should continue to accrue valuable PexPoints which can be used, in the meantime, for the following lucrative redemption opportunities:

  • Up to 15 minutes of parking at our Minot hub
  • Ice at airport Holiday Inn Express locations worldwide
  • Access to the Apex Airways Peak Room (DFW only)
  • Additional PexPoints